Mabon Treats

Mabon Treats



The second harvest festival, the Autumn equinox and balance is restored between light and dark. Nature seems to have slowed down, appearing tired yet fulfilled and satisfied with her crops and achievements.  We need to regenerate too. The road ahead becomes clearer and planning for the winter ahead begins.  It’s a time of unlimited possibilities and strong, clear psychic visions.  It’s time to celebrate nature’s bounty and to realise and express gratitude for the abundance that surrounds us.  We reap what we have sown.  Introspection and understanding of our subconscious influences and emotions and the influence they have on our lives is of the essence



  • Autumn equinox greetings card
  • Satya seven chakras incense
  • Hestia's Flame Natural Candles Cinnamon, Cypress and Bergamot aromatherapy tea lights
  • Women's balance tea
  • Weleda mini pomegranate hand cream
  • Weleda pomegranate serum sachet