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New Moon Wellbeing Treats

New Moon Wellbeing Treats


It contains

  • Hestia's Flame Lavender Tea Lights
  • Meditation Incense Cones
  • Weleda Minis and Samples
  • Lunar Calendar
  • Relax Yogi Tea
  • Obsidian Crystal and Information on use
  • New Moon Ritual


About the New Moon

For centuries, folklore has taught us that each moon phase is “right” for performing certain activities.  Have you ever been trying to complete a task and you just can’t get it done, no matter how hard you try?  Only to find that in a few days you can accomplish your task not only easily but pleasurably! 

If you attune yourself with the moon and her cycles you become more in tune with mother nature and life will flow more easily.  After all, we women also have a cyclical and seasonal nature too.

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