Samhain Box

Samhain Box


The wheel has turned, the veil is thin it’s ... Samhain


A Gaelic word, pronounced Sow-en, meaning “Summer’s End” and celebrated as New Year for many Celtic pagans and witches.  Samhain was replaced by the Romans with their celebration of Lemuria, also a celebration of the dead, and in turn replaced by the Catholic holiday of All Saint’s Day, or all Hallows.

It’s the final harvest; time to gather in the last fruits of your labours before Winter and leave anything unnecessary behind.  Declutter and make space for new things to come.  Nature is resting.  Time for you to rest yourself in receptivity and imagination and await the rebirth of the light. 


It contains 

  • Hestia’s Flame Natural Candles Samhain aromatherapy travel tin candle

  • Weleda Rosemary Bath Milk

  • Halloween greeting card

  • Midnight Incense Sticks

  • Carnelian crystal eye and notes for use

  • Yogi tea Peaceful Moment

  • Book – Samhain 

  • Notes from Sophia’s Book of Shadows