Treats for Lughnasadh

Treats for Lughnasadh


It contains

  • Hestia’s Flame Natural Candles Ylang Ylang tea lights
  • Incense
  • Yogi Pure Happiness Tea
  • Citrine Crystal and notes for use
  • Lammas Greetings card
  • Lughnasadh Sabbat notes from Sophia’s Book of Shadows
  • Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Wash
  • Voucher for free Weleda skin care consultation


About Lughnasadh

A pagan festival on the 1st August, named for the Celtic deity Lugh, god of fire, craft and skill.  Later, as Germanic tribes began settling in Britain they celebrated Hlfafmaesse – or loaf mass (Lammas) at around this time of year in honour of the grain harvest.  The themes are skill, creativity, abundance, gratitude and fulfilment.  Sounds like time for a party!

It’s the first harvest.  The fullness and fulfilment of the present harvest holding at its heart the seed of all future harvests and the goddess is in her aspect as the heavily pregnant Earth Mother.

This is a good time to examine our accomplishments and begin to focus on the rewards we have before us.

Set your intentions for your personal harvest.  What do you need to cut back now and what still needs your nurture to come to fruition this year? Start to bring projects to a close for the year.