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New Crystal Facial Rollers just in!

An ancient Chinese beauty secret and the perfect tool to reduce puffiness and dark circles, relax your facial muscles, improve circulation and skin tone, promote lymphatic drainage, improve product absorption and smooth wrinkles. I use these in my facial massage treatments and they feel divine on the skin!  (see for more information).

  • Choose Jade for serenity, enhanced intuition and if you have irritation, acne or rosacea.

  • Choose Clear Quartz for greater clarity and connectivity with self and spirit.

  • Choose Obsidian for energy deflection and protection.

These are boxed and come with instructions for use. You can also book a free zoom lesson with me for practice. Yours for £20 each

  • Or £36 - special offer usually £41 - for your roller plus 30 ml bespoke aromatherapy facial oil (includes consultation with me) - please contact me for this offer.

  • Or £38 for your roller plus 50 ml Weleda Almond Facial oil - please contact me for this offer.

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