About Us

At Hestia's Flame Natural Candles, we hand make luxurious aromatherapy candles fr0m 100% soy wax and pure essential oils only. We also make non-toxic aromatherapy reed diffusers.


What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of the fragrant parts of aromatic plants to improve your health and general wellbeing. Essential oils, the compounds responsible for a plant's fragrance, offer a multitude of healing benefits in addition to their individual scents.


Our candles are formed from 100% soy wax which is natural and sustainable. Our scents are blended from pure essential oils, not synthetic perfumes, so they will be therapeutically beneficial as well as smell wonderful.  Our wicks are natural and our containers are tin or glass which are easily recycled.  We use the maximum amount of essential oils that the wax can support.  This means your candle will smell as strong at the end as it does when you first light it.


We are pleased to undertake bespoke orders if there is a scent you particularly desire or an area of your wellbeing you would like to enhance.



I really love candles. Always did; especially ones that smell nice. So, as you might imagine, I was very concerned to learn that most of them are not at all good for you. And so Hestia’s Flame was lit! I decided to make my own lovely, positive and beneficial candles and now you can enjoy them too.

Sophia Russell, Aromatherapist, Perfumer & Proprietress – Hestia’s Flame.