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Fancy a box of luxurious aromatherapy candles delivered to your door every month?


Then you need to join ...

Hestia’s Flame Natural Candle Club!

"Being a member of the Candle Club means I get to try new fragrances every month, with a personal and informative note from Sophia about the fragrance and month ahead. I couldn't recommend higher". - Clare Hatherall, Saul


Here’s how it works....

On the 4th of the month and monthly thereafter, you pay a standing order and we select for you and send you a candle/some candles which will be seasonally appropriate.      

Option  1

1 x Travel tin aromatherapy candle per month


Option  2

1 x Medium aromatherapy candle per month


Option  3

1 x Large aromatherapy candle per month


Option  4

1 x 3 Wick 1 kg Gold aromatherapy candle per month


Option  5

Surprises! – set us a budget greater than £20 per month via your standing order and we shall send you candles of varying shapes, sizes and aromas.  We make all sorts of things, not all of them are on the website yet – reed diffusers, new aromatherapy container candles not yet launched, limited editions, tea lights, soy wax pillars and taper candles.

£20 +


...non toxic, therapeutically valuable, hand poured aromatherapy candles delivered monthly to your door.


You can relax because once the standing order is set up there’s nothing else to do but receive and enjoy.


...packaging & postage


lots of money over the course of the year because we have priced the various options with a built in discount of at least 10%

What do I do next?

1 go to your internet banking and set up a standing order to SMS Russell, 30-98-74, a/c 10914768

2 email and let us know which option you prefer together with your name, address and phone number.

3 relax and await your splendid candles

"The excitement of a parcel arriving is sometimes much nicer than the contents but in the case of candle club, it's even better to open it. The smell is divine even before you light the candle, and there's a different one every month, which is always suitable for the season." 


Jane Mann, Pitchcombe

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