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Cinnamon, Cypress & Bergamot

So Christmassy!  A blend of warming and comforting cinnamon to help alleviate cold symptoms and cramps.  Evergreen Cypress, an antispasmodic to help the symptoms of asthma, and Bergamot to relax and uplift your spirits.

“Sometimes during life’s more challenging days it can be difficult to know what to do to create more light in the gloom. This is particularly true during a pandemic when we are held apart from the people we love and care about and are unable to partake in many of the things that fill us with joy and fulfilment. And yet life continues to make demands on us and expects us to honour our commitments and responsibilities. That’s when we need something to redress the balance and which is both uplifting and soothing.

Whatever your ‘go to thing’  is to recharge your soul, whether it be reading, music, being creative or maybe mindfulness or yoga, we could all do with a companion. Not a human companion but a hand-poured candle that has been lovingly created by an aroma therapist. Today I was lucky enough to receive a Cinnamon, Cypress and Bergamot aromatherapy candle from Hestia’s Flame Natural Candles. Arriving on what is reputed to be the most depressing day of the calendar year on a cold and bleak January afternoon seemed to be an omen. A pick-me-up was certainly needed! And so I gave myself permission to put work and all other demands aside for an hour to hide myself away and light my candle.

The candle comes in an attractive brushed gold container with a glass lid which in itself is aesthetically rather satisfying and makes a beautiful gift. Once lit, within a minute or two the first invigorating and ever so slightly exotic fragrance of cinnamon starts to gently fill the room. It is evocative of walking past a Greek cake shop or a Parisian patisserie. The fragrance draws you in and makes you want to move closer. Shortly after the Bergamot and Cypress start to play their part. They add a freshness and hint of pure outdoor air reminiscent of a botanical garden or scented woodland that seems to balance and complement the strong character of the cinnamon.

This gorgeous candle can’t help but lift you on a cold winter’s day. It leaves you feeling released from tension and weariness and instead fills you with a golden positivity and general feeling of well being.

Why not give it a go?”

Linda Lethem – Hestia’s Flame fan – Chailey

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