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Ylang Ylang


ylang ylang.jpg

This exotic and floral oil is euphoric, stimulating and sensuous, bringing self-confidence, warmth, calm, joy and enthusiasm. It has many uses in aromatherapy – insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, palpitations, aphrodisiac and nervous tension and stress related disorders, especially for anger born of frustration.

"I have been burning the ylang ylang candle for the last few days in the hallway so whenever someone comes in we get a hit of the decadent fragrance. It has a heady, sweet, slightly fruity smell with some citrus notes coming through. We all love it!

It has been burning for hours and hours, and has retained the strength of fragrance throughout. It has even lifted my mood - it's a difficult time of year with the early dark evenings and cold weather but the ylang ylang fragrance throughout the house has given me a sense of spring in the air and I am now looking forward to some sunshine." - Rachael Adari, Barcombe

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