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Bespoke Service Now Available

We are pleased to undertake bespoke orders if there is a scent you particularly desire or an area of your wellbeing you wish to enhance.

Sophia is both a trained Perfumier and a qualified aromatherapist (see here for more info) and enjoys working with her clients to create the scents, candles and aromatherapy preparations of their dreams.

  • The process begins with an initial meeting (usually on Zoom or the telephone) between you and Sophia to discuss your requirements. Sophia carries out an aromatherapy consultation with you to make sure the most appropriate oils are selected and any contraindications to your health are avoided. Afterwards, you will receive samples of your bespoke scent in the post for you to choose between. You make a payment of £60 to cover the consultation, follow up and samples at this point.

  • A follow up conversation between you and Sophia ensues to find out how you like your bespoke aromatherapy blend and arrange any adjustments. A second set of samples follows by post if necessary.

  • Once the blend is finalised, there is a discussion about packaging and volume so Sophia can quote you for your products. These will be priced according to the ingredients and time involved in creating your items. Please note, there is a minimum candle test batch of 1 kg.

  • On receipt of payment for your bespoke products, Sophia makes up your preparation and carries out testing for safety and performance.

  • Finally, your lovely things are ready and dispatched with all speed. There is no minimum requirement on any future order as we will then have all the information needed to reproduce your aroma in any size or volume. It is yours, forever and unique!

Contact to book your initial meeting.


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