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Natural skin and health care to match your natural candles?  We now stock Weleda!

Weleda is the world's largest certified natural skincare and medicines company, founded in 1921 by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Its anthroposophical values cause it to operate in harmony with nature and the human being making products organic, biodynamic, fair trade, cruelty free, responsibly packaged, without micro-plastics and priced at the smallest amount possible so all can access them. Since all ingredients are natural, there are none of the skin-irritating, hormone disrupting, carcinogenic chemicals so often found in our body care products. You will find an excellent, award winning  and comprehensive range of baby and child products together with first aid remedies, hair care, sunscreen, dental care, skincare, homeopathic remedies and food supplements. Shop here.

Sophia is a trained Weleda Wellbeing Advisor and is available for help and advice on all aspects of the range.  If you’d like to consult her, please email


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