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Spooky Scents

Stirring the cauldron this afternoon to bring you some aromatherapy magic... Very excited about these and Halloween in general, as usual! I’ve blended them to evoke the descent into Autumn and season of regeneration. Mysterious, non?

Here's a helpful review... “Samhain - I love this candle! Autumn has always been my favourite season and to me this gorgeous candle feels like a big warm welcoming Autumnal hug with a promise of wisdom and magic, whispering falling leaves, dancing fires and quiet evenings snuggled up with a cozy blanket and a cup of spiced tea. I love the blend of Pine, Rosemary, Bay, Patchouli, Clary Sage and Cypress. It is centring, grounding and warming! The quality is second to none - the candle burns beautifully and lasts long with no smoke. A beautiful gift or a wonderful addition to a well- deserved self-care ritual." From Sofia With Love

There are many physical and emotional aromatherapy uses for these oils but in keeping with the season here are the less-known magical ones :)

100% pure soy wax candle scented with essential oils of: Pine – exorcism, healing, fertility, protection and resilience Rosemary – for remembrance, to banish nightmares and negativity Bay – for inner peace, breaking curses, reversing bad luck. Place beneath your pillow for prophetic dreams. Patchouli – to bring you wealth – rub your wallet with Patchouli oil and as long as the smell lasts there will always be money in it. Clary Sage – purification, healing grief, protection Cypress – for wisdom, strengthens connections

Enjoy as a pillar candle, a container candle, tea lights or in a reed diffuser.

Blessed Be! Sophia


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